Faciliate doctors to diagnose diseases faster and accurate to save human lives

Our Team

We are computer scientists and biologists who understand medical images and AI to custmoize diagnosis for each specific problem

Christophe Patris de Broe

Cofounder CEO

Zaikun Xu

Cofunder CTO

Cyril Hsu

Cofounder DSO

Job Position

We are a swiss AI startup doing medical image diagnosis with AI. Our mission to to aid doctors to be efficient and accurate at diagnosis. We are looking for passionate engineers to join our adventure.

Machine Learning and Computer Vision Engineer Intern or Full time position

Ideally, you have following skills

  • Hands on experience with Image Processing with Computer Vision, such as image classification, object detection, semantic segenmentation, tracking, pose estimation. Being familar with at least one deep learning framework such as Tensorflow, Pytorch, Keras
  • Fast Literature survey for existing methods given a difficult problems
  • Strong Python, C++ skills as well as Git, Bitbucket, GPU programming with CUDA
  • Knowledge of Biological or Medical images is a plus
What we offer
  • Competitive compensation package and salary
  • Bonus for algorithmic innovation
  • Opportunities to attend international conferences, ICCV, ECCV, CVPR, etc
  • Working with the best doctors as well as other great engineers

We are looking forward to your contacts at careers@deepcube.ch

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